Generic Agent / Notifications -> Timebased Messages

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Generic Agent / Notifications -> Timebased Messages

Post by PhyrePhoX » 01 Jun 2018, 12:59


i have a few ticket-date/time dynamic fields, where i would like to have some messages sent to a specific group of people when a certain date is reached (or some days before, depending on case).

In the notifications i cannot choose dynamic fields like date/time (that is where i would have expected it).

However, in generic agent i can do the following as filter:
Screenshot from 2018-06-01 12-56-30.png
BUT, in generic agent there is no event i can use for that (i would need to run a scheduler, which is okay, i guess). The bigger problem is:
I can not send messages using the generic agent. I can just add notes. I can of course change a dynamic field, after which i can create a notification that monitors that change of the dynamic field, but that would be rather complicated.
Any ideas?

Thanks, PhoX
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