Opening tickets from emails

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Opening tickets from emails

Post by Juan » 31 May 2018, 10:53

Hi all,

I'm running OTRS 5.0.22 with SUSE 12 SP3 over Oracle

I'd like to configure 2 email address:

- One of them to be used to automatically open tickets with the emails it receives and assign them to some specific queues.

- Another one to be used for some other different queues. It will open a ticket only when a user answer an email from an already open ticket, but not if that email address receives an email not related with an already open ticket.

I know how to configure the email addresses in Admin/Email Settings/Postmaster Mail Accounts:

- One with "Dispatching by email To: field"
- The other with "Dispatching by selected Queue"

But it doesn't work. Emails sent to the second address are rejected.

Thanks in advanced and KR


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