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Dashlet page

Post by savemosca » 02 May 2018, 12:00

Hi, i've created a custom dashlet for a specific queue, it works except pages, if i click on pages 2 nothing happens; at the moment i've set 50 lines max but i would like to solve this problem.


This is the dashlet code:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<otrs_config version="2.0" init="Application">
    <Setting Name="DashboardBackend###0230-Ordini Aperti" Required="0" Valid="1">
        <Description Translatable="1">Parameters for the dashboard backend of the "Ordini nuovi" overview of the agent interface. "Limit" is the number of entries shown by default. "Group" is used to restrict the access to the plugin (e. g. Group: admin;group1;group2;). "Default" determines if the plugin is enabled by default or if the user needs to enable it manually. "CacheTTLLocal" is the cache time in minutes for the plugin.</Description>
                <Item Key="Module">Kernel::Output::HTML::Dashboard::TicketGeneric</Item>
                <Item Key="Title">Ordini Aperti</Item>
                <Item Key="Description">Ordini aperti</Item>
                <Item Key="Attributes">StateType=open;QueueIDs=21</Item>
                <Item Key="Filter">All</Item>
                <Item Key="Time">Age</Item>
                <Item Key="Limit">25</Item>
                <Item Key="Permission">rw</Item>
                <Item Key="Block">ContentLarge</Item>
                <Item Key="Group">Gr - Ordini SI</Item>
                <Item Key="Default">1</Item>
                <Item Key="CacheTTLLocal">0.5</Item>
                <Item Key="DefaultColumns">
                        <Item Key="Age">2</Item>
                        <Item Key="Changed">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="CustomerID">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="CustomerName">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="CustomerUserID">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="EscalationResponseTime">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="EscalationSolutionTime">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="EscalationTime">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="EscalationUpdateTime">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="TicketNumber">2</Item>
                        <Item Key="Lock">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="Owner">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="PendingTime">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="Queue">2</Item>
                        <Item Key="Responsible">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="Priority">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="Service">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="State">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="SLA">1</Item>
                        <Item Key="Title">2</Item>
                        <Item Key="Type">1</Item>
                <Item Key="Mandatory">0</Item>

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