Help needed with ITSM Config Items

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Help needed with ITSM Config Items

Post by kool_kid » 11 Apr 2018, 17:37

Hi All,

We have decided to go ahead and use the Config Item ITSM module but we are currently facing 2 issues as listed below.

1. When using ITSM Config Item we would like to search all classes for items belonging to same owner. This is possible using otrs addon "CI Custom Search" but we are looking for free alternatives, I'm not a geek with perl so if someone can help with little code changes which can make this work it would be great.

2. We would like to get a report of all assets for a specific field mentioned in CI object searching across all the CI Classes. Currently this does not seems to be possible with default Stats module. Can someone help with the DB query if not possible in default stats module which can provide me these details.
E.g: I have CIs created with a Field called "Company" in all CI Classes (Computer, Hardware, Network etc). I would like to run a report to see all assets which belongs to "Company X".

We are using OTRS 3.1.10 on Windows with MSSQL (Yes, we will be soon moving to Version 6 but it may take some time).

Thanks for support.
OTRS 3.1.10

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