OTRS 3.3.5 API

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OTRS 3.3.5 API

Post by shawnwangws » 07 Feb 2018, 03:33

Currently, we have hosted two OTRS system for two entities with a earlier version 3.3.5 on Centos 6.4 for 3 years.Both of OTRS is configured Ticket::StorageModule.

Now we want to deploy API development to create ticket with some defined fields and then store these fields into the database rather than current plain text mode via email ticket.

However, I don't find out API document via http://doc.otrs.com. It seems that API is only available from version 4.0

Would you please confirm if we have to upgrade to at least version 4 to achieve our expected requirements?
Another question, after a ticket created via API (for exmaple, with version 5.0), is it possible to directly get the data of the arrays (Ticket, Article, DynamicField) from database (MySQL) or we need use API (TicketGet) to get the data?


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Re: OTRS 3.3.5 API

Post by reneeb » 07 Feb 2018, 08:58

The GenericInterface is available in OTRS 3.3. In OTRS 3.3 you can only use SOAP APIs, to use REST APIs you have to upgrade (or port the REST stuff in newer OTRS versions to OTRS 3.3).
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