Email attachement - Unbenannt.eml

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Email attachement - Unbenannt.eml

Post by DavidB » 06 Feb 2018, 19:51

We've recently updated to OTRS 5.0.23. Since then, some email attachements are being renamed to "Unbenannt".

The emails being renamed have french subjects. We understand that it's due to the EmailParser when it's unable to decode the subject. The encoding of these emails is UTF-8.
We did not encounter that behavior with OTRS v4. Is there an upcoming fix or a way to resolve that behavior?

Also, it would be nice if the default value wouldn't be an hardcoded value so that it's possible to add a translation without overwritting it in the code.

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Re: Email attachement - Unbenannt.eml

Post by fcasal » 07 Feb 2018, 06:37

Check the varaibles of database, it is usual to have errors.

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