OTRS on Nginx, FastCGI: Could not read input data

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OTRS on Nginx, FastCGI: Could not read input data

Post by caldrl » 18 Dec 2017, 19:21


Today I was migrating my OTRS solution from Apache to Nginx and I would like you to ask about "Could not read input data" error. I found this topic viewtopic.php?t=12168, but it isn't exactly same issue, because the solution is for Apache, but maybe is it a similiar problem.

Problem is, that I've installed Nginx, I've configured fastcgi perl wrapper, everything works nice, but there is issue with Web Service API, that OTRS is not able to process any POST - it responds with HTTP/500 and "Could not read input data" message. I guess, that there is issue that nginx "some how" does not pass "POST data" and than is not OTRS able to process it "without data".

I've tried fastcgi wrapper from nginxlibary (http://nginxlibrary.com/perl-fastcgi/) and from this github repo https://github.com/mdll/otrs-fcgi, but issue still preserves.

In forum topic, that I've mentioned in top, I've found some perl option, that fixed the problem on Apache "PerlOptions -ParseHeaders", but I don't know, how to handle it, when I'm using Nginx.

Have you some expiriences with this? Thank you very much!

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