"Floating" Customer Info

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"Floating" Customer Info

Post by PhyrePhoX »


do you know if it is possible to have the customer information (on the right ticket side) "floating", meaning when you scroll down in a long ticket with long mails or a lot of articles, that the customer info also comes down? I always wondered why OTRS is wasting precious onscreen realestate by having the customer info fixed in the top. Am i missing a config option here?


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Re: "Floating" Customer Info

Post by jojo »

actually it is not possible. But you can file your idea here: https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/
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Re: "Floating" Customer Info

Post by crythias »

CSS to add to class "SideBarColumn":

Code: Select all

	position: fixed;
	right: 1%
	z-index: 1;
	top: 150px; /*adjust per your own customization needs */
Note that you can't now scroll Customer Information if it exceeds your screen height. Of course, you can collapse Ticket Information.
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