Hanging otrs.Deamon.pl process

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Hanging otrs.Deamon.pl process

Post by ThomasPL10 » 10 Dec 2017, 13:56

Hello all

Last time I was troubleshooting high CPU usage of the OTRS server which sometimes leads to server outage (Debian Wheezy).
I noticed hanging process otrs.Daemon.pl

When I ran "strace -p <PID>" on the server it constantly returns as fast as the screen can scroll:

Code: Select all

nanosleep({0, 100000000}, NULL)         = 0
kill(4482, SIG_0)                       = 0
kill(4474, SIG_0)                       = 0
kill(4961, SIG_0)                       = 0
kill(4632, SIG_0)                       = 0
Looks like it stucked in some kind of loop.

There are also some other otrs.Daemon.pl processes which I can find in and out while running "top"
however strace does not returns outputs for them all the time but only e.g. every couple seconds so i believe it's expected behaviour.

Are you able to help me troubleshoot it further?

Thank you in advance for all tips.

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