Change User (History) in DB

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Change User (History) in DB

Post by SirelSnir » 24 Nov 2017, 11:09


we are currently switching from one domain (LDAP) to another one.
Different user, different mail.

Now I'd like to make the ticket history from the old domain available to users of the new domain.
I'd like to do that for the core users via SQL as this should be the fastest possibility.

When I update the customer_id and customer_user_id within the ticket database, it partially works.
All tickets are visible to the new domain user (within the customer frontend), but not all are accessible.
They just say after clicking on them "not enough permission" (or something similar, we are using the german version).

Well I was checking the database back & forth, but I just can't find the place where something needs to be adjusted as well.

Can anyone point me into the correct direction?

We are using 5.0.13 with ITSM.

thanks so much for any help!

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