Stats Module very slow

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Stats Module very slow

Post by sebastianp » 08 Nov 2017, 14:29

Hi Community,

we're having problems with the statistics module. Within creating or editing a statistic, it takes ages (up to 30 sec) to reload the page after every single click (Change X/Y-Axis, set filters, Save, and so on). This occurs only within the stats module, everything else works just fast as expected.

What I already know:
- MySQL seems not to be the problem, no slow queries.
- apache2 log says nothing special:
10.xx.xx.xx - - [08/Nov/2017:13:21:20 +0100] "GET /;Subaction=Edit;StatID=7 HTTP/1.1" 200 1200792
- While a page is loading, the process is blocking one CPU core competely:
/;Subaction=Edit;StatID=7 HT
- OTRS SupportData is all green.

maybe helpful:
- OTRS 5.0.19
- ubuntu 16.04
- mysql 5.7
- OS and Database on local SSD storage
- Articlestorage is on a NFS filesystem, which is not superfast. Might this be the problem?

has anyone seen this problem before or even a clue how to get this fixed?

Thanks a lot in advance
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Re: Stats Module very slow

Post by amdkryn » 27 Mar 2018, 15:09

Hi, sorry to update the post without a solution but I have the same problem as you. Have you found a solution?
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Re: Stats Module very slow

Post by root » 27 Mar 2018, 18:46


I suggest enabling slow query log for MySQL and considering (after analysis) working with a mirror db

- Roy
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