Help me understand the faq categories

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Help me understand the faq categories

Post by maxwell111 » 16 Sep 2017, 15:51

Good day, Dear!
The second day I fight over the question - the brain has already begun to boil: x
Can anyone come across and can tell. The essence of the problem: in the FAQ I use a branched structure (Equipment => Network equipment => routers => Dlink), so, the wonderful and necessary module "This might be helpful" looks for articles on keywords only at the highest branching level (in this example - EQUIPMENT), and if the same article is moved to "Hardware => Network Equipment" or "Hardware => Network Equipment => Routers" the search does not work. All categories and sub-categories have the same access rights! In each article, the keywords are filled and they work at the top level of the categories.
I ask for help, otherwise the patience is running out!
Sorry for my English

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Re: Help me understand the faq categories

Post by dellanolf » 23 Nov 2017, 23:14


It was a bug. Fixed on version 5.0.11: ... -level-11/

Bug Fixes
Bug#12900 – Widget “This might be helpful” does not show FAQ in subcategories.

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