Can't fetch mail automatically.

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Can't fetch mail automatically.

Post by tminh » 09 Sep 2017, 05:52

Hi Everybody.

I'm new with Linux and OTRS. I'm using CentOS 7 with OTRS 5.0.22. I followed this guide to install OTRS and it was successful. ... e-mariadb/

But sometime , my OTRS can't fetch mail automatically.

There is the error log file:

Code: Select all

Sep  9 09:00:21 tasc[2608]: [Error][Kernel::System::MailAccount::POP3::Fetch][Line:144]: POP3S: Auth for user tasc@***** failed!
Sep  9 09:40:33 tasc[2760]: [Error][Kernel::System::MailAccount::POP3::Fetch][Line:144]: POP3S: Auth for user tasc@***** failed!

I saw the "Auth ... failed " - I though there is trouble with user credential but when I I click " Fetch mail " in Mail Account Management, it works.

So could you please support me to troubleshoot this issue :(

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