Configuring mail with hmailserver server

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Configuring mail with hmailserver server

Post by dihcabral »

Good morning everyone,

I'm having trouble setting up OTRS to fetch emails on my Hmailserver server.
The error messages I receive are:

Using IMAP: Auth for user failed!
Using IMAPS: Can not connect to
Using SMTP or SMTPS: Impossible to send message to:

I found this article from user @crythias, but I have some doubts (maybe idiots doubt, sorry):

- otrs and hmailserver are on different servers (otrs in linux and hmailserver on windows), should I install Perl on Windows so that the script provided by @crythias works?

- in the article it mentions that the protocols IMAP and POP3 in the configurations of the Hmailserver should be disabled, is this correct or did I misunderstand?

Sorry for the English, I tried to find help in the forum of my native language, but I did not get any answer.
The only article found was this @crythias, so I hope some of you can help me out.

See you,

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Re: Configuring mail with hmailserver server

Post by crythias »

The error messages seem to indicate that the credentials are invalid for the attempted request.
If the credentials are correct, it's then a problem with the server address.
Likely, the domain either doesn't resolve from otrs server at the IP address desired because of DNS/hosts, or the password is bad, or there is a firewall preventing the OTRS server from connecting to the hMail server.
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