Customers and Groups

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Customers and Groups

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Dear All
I have a question. We are working with OTRS 5.5 and want to implement the following for our users which are logging into OTRS through the AD

User will Need to be a part of Group XXX. When the user is part of the Group XXX he will see the Queues where he can post the tickets in A B and C
The next user is YYY and can only see the Queue D in OTRS.
How can I Setup this? Does the Group Need to come directly from the active Directory or I can somewhere make a filter that if the User Id contains 102- it will automatically assign it to the Group XXX and if the user ID Begins with 111- it will be the usergroup YYY

Thanks for your Support and help in advance.

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Re: Customers and Groups

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OTRS 5.0.x (private/testing/public) on Linux with MySQL database. Also on github.
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