Agent Ticket Notification

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Agent Ticket Notification

Post by mitsoulias »

Hi to all When i reply to a customer's ticket , a mail also send it to customer.The problem thst i have is that downtown in mail is provided a link in order for customer to navigate to customers page.However the link navigate the customes to page so he can't connect with his codes in order to see the ticket from online in order to answer.So from where and how can i correct this link with the right one?

this is the kind of link that it is attached

http://xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/otrs/ ... icketID=26

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Re: Agent Ticket Notification

Post by wheelshot »

Im a bit confused with your question. Your post title mentionned Agent notification and your talking about customers in your post.

For the agent notification, you can update what you want using the Admin panel / Agent notifications and check the events you wanna update. But I'd have a look at your config if the link is bad in my opinion. Have a look in the configuration in Framework -> Core and check if your FQDN and ScriptAlias params.

If youre really talking about customers, you may wanna check your text models.

Or maybe im just not understanding your question :)

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