Notification in a new ticket for a customer

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Notification in a new ticket for a customer

Post by ecatoira » 06 May 2016, 20:46


I create a test ticket but the auto send notification for the customers doesn't work. I spect that the notification works like an auto response when the customers create new tickes in the application.

-What parameter I have to change?
-What could be wrong in my configuration?
-Is there any chance that the email account is wrong in someway?

Well, I hope anyone has the answer to this problem.

Thanks a lot.

Giulio Soleni
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Re: Notification in a new ticket for a customer

Post by Giulio Soleni » 07 May 2016, 20:09

did you link any auto response of type "auto reply" to your queues?
Auto Responses.PNG
If you have done it but your customers still do not receive any notification, there might be some e-mail issue on your side (look at the ticket history, at OTRS log and eventually at your mail server log) but also on your customer side.
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