Vacuum OTRS database

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Vacuum OTRS database

Post by Eric26 »

Hi all!

I'm using OTRS 4.0.3 appliance for few monthes. It's running with PostgreSql 8.4 database and this one is going to be larger and larger.
Now, my database size is 9563 MB and occupies 85% of disk space (OTRS is set on a VmWare virtual machine).

I've tried to prune old tickets using automated tasks but this don't help to save disk space. Is it a way to compress the database by using (i.e.) a vacuum command line ? Could the vacuum command help ?

I tried it but psql command line ask me to enter a login and password... and i've no idea of this! Tryed login used in appliance installation process without any success.

I'll greatly appreciate any help to fix my disk space issue without growing the disk size.


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Re: Vacuum OTRS database

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The easiest way of keeping the DB small is to store attachments in the filesystem as described in ... rs-storage

The filesystem can easily put on a different server/storage.


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