Remote desktop Integration

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Remote desktop Integration

Post by nanotowers »

Hi Guys

Do you know any remote destop integration with OTRS?
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Re: Remote desktop Integration

Post by crythias »

It's a Web app. What would Remote desktop matter?
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Re: Remote desktop Integration

Post by voiprodrigo »

I think the OP is asking about some integration like Zendesk Or Freshdesk with LogmeInRescue ,and other similar ones.

An example of the functionality as described by LogmeinRescue:

A LogMeIn Rescue remote support session can be launched directly from a Zendesk ticket. The technician must generate a PIN code for the customer and launch the Technician Console from the Zendesk user interface. This allows the technician to have control over and troubleshoot the customer's device.
Once the support session has ended, the information is automatically sent from the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console to the Zendesk ticket. The Zendesk user can access the details of any LogMeIn Rescue session by clicking on the item in the ticket for a particular issue.

I'm not aware of any such integration for OTRS.
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Re: Remote desktop Integration

Post by mavrie »

This sounds interesting.

Sort of a teamviewer integration.
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