PostFilter, dont work subjet filter

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PostFilter, dont work subjet filter

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Hi folks.

I dont know if im doing wrong the regex but i checked with a regex parsers, and it seems pretty correct.
Scenario: daily we get a lof of mails from: root@blabla, Mailer-daemon@blabla and a buch on emails with very different email account but with the same subject: status, confirmation, and so on.
I want to ignore this emails and dont let get into the OTRS system.
I configure a postmaster filter with the next line : Filter condition: from -> Mailer-daemon@.* | OTRS-Header ->X-OTRS-IGNORE -> yes. This doesnt works.
I configure a postmaster with the filter : Filter condition: Suject : ->.*configure.* | X-OTRS-INGORE -> yes.

But no one seems to work.
What im doing wrong?


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