How to set a default SLA?

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How to set a default SLA?

Post by guillo »

Hi there guys...

This for OTRS 3.1.12

So I have this small problem: I have several services, and each one of them has only one SLA. On the new phone ticket, the dropdown list for the SLA is only either " - " or " SLA 1", I don't want the little " - " to show, since I only have one SLA, y want that to be default value instead of the empty dash " - "

(For example, all services from Service 1 to Service 5 have only the SLA 1, Service 6 to Service 10 have only SLA 2, etc. If I only have one SLA per service, then I don't need the empty field or " - ", this would save me two unnecesary clicks)

This is a request from the costumer... :? So, is there a way to do this, maybe from code?

Thanks in advance!

* Update, there are now 2 SLAs per service, but one will be used... once a month maybe, so what I need to know is how to set a value as default. :)
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Re: How to set a default SLA?

Post by waikiki83 »

hi guys...

i also need this info...
if someone, please help us :)

thanks in advance....
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Re: How to set a default SLA?

Post by crythias »

if it's consistent, you can use Javascript to set the value in the dtl.
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