Access denied for user otrs@localhost

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Access denied for user otrs@localhost

Post by BrianYin »

Hi, everyone
i update otrs 3.1.12 to 3.2.1 but after i installed 3.2.1 and ready to config it, the system said "Access denied for user 'otrs'@'localhost' (using password: YES) "
it didn't happen before, why's that and what shall i do? Thanks!

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Backend ERROR: OTRS-CGI-10 Perl: 5.12.3 OS: MSWin32 Time: Tue Feb 5 14:38:21 2013 Message: Access denied for user 'otrs'@'localhost' (using password: YES) RemoteAddress: RequestURI: /otrs/ Traceback (2424): Module: Kernel::System::DB::new (v1.156) Line: 227 Module: Kernel::System::Web::InterfaceAgent::Run (v1.73) Line: 143 Module: ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::Registry::I_3a_Program_20Files_OTRS_OTRS_bin_cgi_2dbin_index_2epl::handler (unknown version) Line: 48 Module: (eval) (v1.94) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::run (v1.94) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::default_handler (v1.94) Line: 170 Module: ModPerl::Registry::handler (v1.99) Line: 31 
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Re: Access denied for user otrs@localhost

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please read carefully the UPGRADING file (did you copy your old
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