Lock/Unlock Function

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Lock/Unlock Function

Post by tnieman »

Can Lock/Unlock function be added to other tabs like Change Queue and Owner?

We'd like more control over when a ticket is locked.


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Re: Lock/Unlock Function

Post by micshi »

You can unlock ticket when it is move to another queue by make proper configuration via SysConfig.

Unlock ticket when changing owner (root@localhost) requires to make some changes in source code.

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Re: Lock/Unlock Function

Post by crythias »

It doesn't seem to make sense to unlock when changing owner, though, because why bother to assign an owner?
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Re: Lock/Unlock Function

Post by Sophy978 »

Hello, mine is the opposite. It was working correctly but then I added more queues and now this function is not working as expected. Now when ticket are moved from one queue to another, the ticket unlocks. I want to keep it locked. I checked in my sysconfig and the option is not checked. Any ideas? Thanks.
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