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Easy upgrade

Post by andreasfc »


I have now a Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS running with OTRS 3.0.7 and want to upgrade to the latest version, but I found it a bit difficult to upgrade.
Which is the easiest setup for upgrading to the latest version each time?
Debian with upgrades from source
Redhat/Fedora with RPM

Thanx for the advice.

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Re: Easy upgrade

Post by CSL »

Upgrading OTRS is never easy, unfortunately. The distro you are on doesn't make a difference as long as it's linux and supports a package manager (yum, apt, rpm, etc).

The way to make it as painless as possible for yourself is also something most companies won't find acceptable:

Don't change anything apart from sysconfig settings. Leave the entire directory as you found it. If you've managed to do this, then simply install the RPM / apt package etc over your current install. It will automatically move the config files over for you. After that it will be a matter of running the database upgrade scripts. All information can be found in the UPGRADING file in the directory.

If, however, you've had to customize CSS, perl, or DTL files to suit your company's wishes, then you will have to migrate all of your changes to the newer versions of the files manually.
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Re: Easy upgrade

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just follow the UPGRADING file

own modifications/files should be in an own OPM File
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