Problem with statistics and plots

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Problem with statistics and plots

Post by Witia » 22 Aug 2012, 10:46

Hello. I've got a problem. When i want to create new statistic, the only options of print format are 'CSV' and 'print'.
There are many other options of graphs, for example 'point graph', 'line graph', etc, but i can't select them.
What packet or addons should i install?


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Re: Problem with statistics and plots

Post by Alexander Halle » 26 Aug 2012, 21:31

I recommend to post some basic information so that users have a possibility to help you:

- OTRS ersion
- operationg system
- screenshot(s)

Based on the current information I would guess that you maybe didn't install all necessary CPAN modules: ... rl-modules
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