Unlock tickets view.

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Unlock tickets view.

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I want to have unlock tickets view on my dashboard, i have create this code in to ticket.xml but i´m not sure what the filter or the Attributes is for unlocket tickets.
any ideas ?

<ConfigItem Name="DashboardBackend###0702-test" Required="0" Valid="1">
<Item Key="Module">Kernel::Output::HTML::DashboardTicketGeneric</Item>
<Item Key="Title">Opfdrtyrtuyrtyr</Item>
<Item Key="Attributes"></Item>
<Item Key="Filter"></Item>

<Item Key="Time">Age</Item>
<Item Key="Limit">10</Item>
<Item Key="Permission">rw</Item>
<Item Key="Block">ContentLarge</Item>
<Item Key="Group"></Item>
<Item Key="Default">1</Item>
<Item Key="CacheTTLLocal">0.5</Item>
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Re: Unlock tickets view.

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Queue View (AgentTicketQueue) provide a quick overview on unlocked tickets
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