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Add a custom field

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Good evening everybody,

We are using OTRS 3.0.11 now since one month ago and I would like for my statistics add a custom shield (if possible) on the answer level to categorize my tickets.
In other words, I have one queue named "Support" and three sub-queues named "Data, Soft and Update".
All tickets are dispatch by myself to the correct sub-queue when they arrived and notifications are automatically sent to the respective users.
When the issue is done and the ticket can be closed, these respective users would like to add a tag to categorize the ticket. For example, under the sub-queue "soft" you can meet different kind of question, regarding a soft-bug, regarding soft-developement or regarding soft-installation. When the user is ready to close the ticket, is it possible to have another menu with these three choices (soft-bug, soft-developement, soft-installation) and add this information to the database (not to the client)? After it should be easy to make statistics about different kind of tickets by sub-queues.
I hope I was clear as english is not my mother language, it's not so easy for me to give you a good explanation...

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