Update/Upgrade to 3.0.10 from 3.0.9

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Update/Upgrade to 3.0.10 from 3.0.9

Post by vodafrog »

I have been using OTRS since October 2011 and would like to update/upgrade to version 3.0.10. I am running OTRS on a windows platform with Apache and MySQL. Can anyone provide me with a set of step by step instructions on exactly what should be done to carry out the update/upgrade.

I have seen various posts on this subject but no one appears to have given a definitive answer.

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Re: Update/Upgrade to 3.0.10 from 3.0.9

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There are several posts in this forum regarding this topic.
The step from 3.0.9 to 3.0.10 (why not 3.0.11?) is an update, no upgrade. Make sure you have a full backup, copy the zip file contents to the OTRS directory, overwriting existing files, make sure file permissions are correct, delete OTRS caches and sessions. Afterwards restart your webserver (Apache or IIS or whatever).
That´s it.
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