Service concept on OTRS

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Service concept on OTRS

Post by mazam »

Hi all ,
I already know what is the service because i have study ITIL course and i work in ITStuff .
[*]the question here what service means in the OTRS project and how it works ?
[*]i want to know what is the different between queues & service ?

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Re: Service concept on OTRS

Post by ferrosti »

You can find both answers in the admin manual. Since you know ITIL you should know what a 'service' is.
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Re: Service concept on OTRS

Post by crythias »

Disclaimer: My answer won't by ITIL compliant.

A service is something that a customer purchases. (Services are tied to customers).
A queue is what department handles customer requests. (Queues are tied to groups, and are by default about what agents can handle the request). A Queue might be plumbing, printing, web, email, help, maintenance. A service might be toilets, sinks, email, website design, toner replacement.
SLAs are tied to services.

OTRS queues mean different things to different people, and my very simple explanation may not be relevant to everyone.
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