OTRS migration help - auto close tickets

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OTRS migration help - auto close tickets

Post by hssandy »

Hi All

i am after some advice/help.

We recently tried to migrate our OTRS solution onto a new server which had an updated operating system/database etc, as part of this we needed to do a migration of the OTRS setup/databases etc

For the most part, this was successful, however as soon as we turned on postfix, it automatically closed a number of tickets, which should not have auto closed at that point.

For reference, we have it setup so that a call in a certain feedback or resolved state, will automatically go to a close state after a period of time.

However for the examples this happened on, they closed several days sooner than they would usually have, as if some kind of timer was incorrectly set.

Any suggestions as to what we might have missed?

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Re: OTRS migration help - auto close tickets

Post by skullz »

Did you check server date time? It is correct?

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Re: OTRS migration help - auto close tickets

Post by jojo »

check the history of the ticket. Postfix (Mail) can only close tickets based on postmaster filters or on follow up status.

But if you are really on a 3.x you should update as the system has huge number of unfixed security issues and can be exploited e.g. via e-mail
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