Color a (Customer) field red

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Color a (Customer) field red

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What this solves: Adding a field to Customer Company and coloring it red.


I needed an alert field for certain customers. The first part: alter table customer_company to add the field I needed. Up to you to do this. Backup, test, your data is your responsibility, but

Code: Select all

alter table customer_company add my_alert_message varchar(200) NULL ;
is not likely to cause a problem with future upgrades. I like to include my_ in my column changes to differentiate from stock tables. OTRS will (most likely/probably) never use my_ prefix in its table columns.

And then in the CustomerCompany Map in the order you want it displayed:

Code: Select all

        [ 'CustomerCompanyAlertMessage',           'Alert Message', 'my_alert_message', 1, 0, 'var', '"></a><span style="color:red">[% Data.CustomerCompanyAlertMessage %]</span><a style="display:none" href="', 0 ],
A breakdown of what the html stuff does:
"> closes the href markup for the URL
</a> closes the obligatory anchor markup because it's a URL
<span style="color:red"> does what you think.
[% Data.CustomerCompanyAlertMessage %] makes sure the message isn't collapsed (...)
</span> closes red
<a style="display:none" href=" pretends to be the opening anchor (a) markup again, which by default makes a hyperlink/duplicates the text. So display:none hides it.

What's great about this is it's relatively easy and painless (?) to integrate markup without changing code.
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