Change date format in OTRS

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Change date format in OTRS

Post by rvwmgk » 19 Mar 2015, 18:52

I saw a couple of questions and replies on the web on how to change the date format in OTRS.

To change the date format in OTRS:

- check and modify Kernel/Language/[languagecode].pm

example: Kernel/Language/

# date formats (%A=WeekDay;%B=LongMonth;%T=Time;%D=Day;%M=Month;%Y=Year;)
$Self->{DateFormat} = '%M/%D/%Y %T';
$Self->{DateFormatLong} = '%T - %M/%D/%Y';
$Self->{DateFormatShort} = '%M/%D/%Y';
$Self->{DateInputFormat} = '%M/%D/%Y';
$Self->{DateInputFormatLong} = '%M/%D/%Y - %T';

- change %M/%D to %D/%M

But in fact there is another easier solution!

Just change your language in Settings. The date format is linked to the language.

I.e. if you don't want MM/DD/YYYY you're probably using American English.

Change your language to British English and the date format will change to DD/MM/YYYY.

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