Enable LinkGraph for CMDB in KIX4OTRS

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Enable LinkGraph for CMDB in KIX4OTRS

Post by koebln » 20 Jan 2015, 11:53

In KIX4OTRS exists a feature, that you can visualize the Link structure in your CMDB.
Premise is, that the package libgraphviz-perl is installed on your server.

But by default, the LinkGraph feature is disabled!
To enable it, set the marker in the following SysConfig-Parameter:
AgentITSMConfigItemZoomBackend###0130-LinkGraph (under: KIX4OTRS-ITSM -> Frontend::Agent::ITSMConfigItem::ViewZoomTabLinkGraph).

Thanks to c.a.p.e.IT - Customer Support
OTRS 3.3.10, ITSM 3.3.10
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OTRS 3.3.10, ITSM 3.3.10, KIX4OTRS 6.1.0
OS: Ubuntu 12.04, DB: MySQL 5.5

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