Backend, LDAP, Admin not there?

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Backend, LDAP, Admin not there?

Post by crythias »

The question: Which comes first? The user or the backend?
Specifically, if you change the backend to something else, the error about "can't find user" happens, you can't log in, even as root@localhost.

The standard way to fix this is to add a specific admin user before you add the backend. But there's an alternate way:

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bin/ -g admin username
That's it. Now you can log in with your external backend.
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Re: Backend, LDAP, Admin not there?

Post by estomagado »

Hi crythias and everyone.

I'm new here, this is my first post, and I thought I'd contribute first with a bit of knowledge before abusing the community and posting any questions.

I had this very problem, and I solved it in a somewhat different (and more complicated, but indeed documented) way.

When I added my external LDAP backend (AD, as everybody else), the Admin users on my DB backend were, of course, missing. If I added Agents to the AD group, they would have access to the queues, but not the Admin panel. I was locked out of my OTRS!

After some two weeks of scratching my head, I decided to go through the official OTRS documentation (for the fifth time?) and stumbled on the Using More than One Customer Backend with OTRS section, available here: ... kends.html

Now I have both backends working in parallel, transparently. I can add an Admin/Agent in my AD, for internal agents, and in the original DB, for some external agents that I need to have here. Both types of admins work simultenaously.

I don't know if it's illegal to link other forums here (sorry if it is) but here's one posting of mine on Server Fault, with the problem and my detailed solution: ... 044#969044

Hope it is of any avail to someone.
Your pal

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