ticket Status to "Resolved"

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ticket Status to "Resolved"

Post by nicolay »

I have a question about the ticket status .
we have a few status :
Pending reminder
Pending auto close-
Pending auto close+
Closed Successful

But, if we closed the ticket , we cannot re-open it . Do you know if we can chose the Resolve status ( waiting approved from user ) , and user can closed the ticket

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you


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Re: ticket Status to "Resolved"

Post by RStraub »

Why can't you reopen a ticket? This is probably a configuration issue then.

OTRS distinguishes between status and status type.

Where the status type is (amongst others):
- Open
- Pending
- Closed

And the status then may be of any of those types. So if you want a resolved state, what type should it be? You can either leave it open or as pending reminder and a date far off in the future.

I would recommend however to use auto close+ and set it to 14 - 21 days in the future as default, so you don't have alot of "dead" but open tickets in the system.
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Re: ticket Status to "Resolved"

Post by alexus »

Just create a new ticket state "Resolved" with state type "pending auto +". If customer not answer ticket will be closed. Additional setup is need here /otrs/index.pl?Action=AdminSystemConfiguration;Subaction=View;Setting=Ticket%3A%3AStateAfterPending
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