OTRS 5.0.34 AgentITSMChangeDelete Funtionality

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OTRS 5.0.34 AgentITSMChangeDelete Funtionality

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Hi All,

We have enable/registered AgentITSMChangeDelete functionality where change manager can delete the change if not found relevant, but we are facing one issue.

Issue is that delete functionality is not working as per the expectation, i.e no CSS is apply and always new tab is open with the following JSON object

{"HTML":"\n<fieldset class=\"TableLike W300px\">\n <label>Title:</label>\n <p class=\"Value\">\n Enter Change Title Here\n </p>\n <div class=\"Clear\"></div>\n</fieldset>\n<p class=\"SpacingTop Center\">\n Do you really want to delete this change?\n</p>\n","DialogType":"Confirmation"}

Attached is the file for reference.
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