Version 7 woes

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Version 7 woes

Post by nasamang »

We've upgraded to version 7 (OTRS upgraded it for us) and have had many issues as a result.

Right now, we get 5 admin error notifications per minute stating (literally every minute):

The error:
There was an error executing Execute() in Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::DocumentSearch::IndexWorker: Error: Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR reference at /opt/otrs-7.0.6/Kernel/System/ITSMChange/ line 2664.

Its been months and OTRS devs dont have any answers, so I am taking this to the forums to see if anyone has some suggestions to whats wrong.

I compared the source of to github, and its up to date.. there has to be some other incompatibility happening..

Any ideas where we should look next?


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Re: Version 7 woes

Post by root »


This forum is ((OTRS)) Community Edition related, I don't think you can expect many responses.

If you have the same code as it's available at Github you have the ITSM package for OTRS 6. I can't find there a version for 7.

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Re: Version 7 woes

Post by jojo »

Please contact servicedesk to get the Bug escalated. Might be

Also you should update to the latest patchlevel of OTRS 7 as 7.0.6 is outdated and there were several fixes including security fixes.

Also I suggest to switch to the process management engine for change management as it is more flexible
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