Issue with merge tickets and reporting

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Issue with merge tickets and reporting

Post by skilled » 11 Jun 2019, 11:15

Hello All,

i have 4 Tickets. i did merge for 3 Tickets to the first one and I changed the owner to new owner. If I want to make report and see the tickets, i will see 4 Tickets, the 3 merged tickets with state merge and with the agent who merged the tickets not the new owner and also i see the first ticket with state open with the new owner.

My first question, is it possible to see in the report only one ticket not all 4 Tickets?i mean after i merged the ticket to one ticket
The second question; if it is not possible to see only the first ticket in report, how to see in the report the new owner for merged tickets and not the Agent who merged the tickets, because i see now for the 3 merged tickets in report the agent who merged the tickets.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Issue with merge tickets and reporting

Post by crythias » 25 Jul 2019, 21:19

You should ignore merged state in your ticket search.
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