Two-factor authentication and USB-token

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Two-factor authentication and USB-token

Post by sesan7 »

Hi, Friends!
I have Active Directory domain controller infrastructure, my users work with Two-factor authentication and use USB-token
But i can`t configure OTRS working with USB-token. Also i can`t find documentations about this in official site or inetrnet.
Could you be so kind and provide some insight/suggestion
Kind Regards,

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Re: Two-factor authentication and USB-token

Post by jojo »

this would require custom development
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Re: Two-factor authentication and USB-token

Post by crythias »

Right now, the built-in 2FA time based OTP is Google Auth.
The Yubico Authenticator app can be used to provide the OTP code while inserted.

Unfortunately, it doesn't currently interact with the USB key's own OTP.
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