Unable to open attachments; 500 Internal Server Error

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Unable to open attachments; 500 Internal Server Error

Post by kongyong92 »

Hi all,

Require some advice on this issue.

There are times whereby we are not able to open/save a .eml attachment from the ticket.

The error prompted is 500 Internal Server Error.
500 internal server error.png
It seems to happen only occasionally. For example, out of the 3 .eml files, only 1 of them cannot be opened, leading to the error shown above.
attachment error.png
1. Where is the log file located that I should look at for this issue? I tried looking for log files such as /var/tmp/otrs.log.YYYY-MM but it does not indicate anything.
2. Anyone aware of this issue and has solutions for it?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Unable to open attachments; 500 Internal Server Error

Post by wurzel »


server 500 errors sometimes is permissions. Check the file permissions on the file. Maybe you have a malware scanner on your machine? .eml files may contain a virus or something?

Logfile is usually syslog

You should also think on updating to latest version.

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    Re: Unable to open attachments; 500 Internal Server Error

    Post by crythias »

    OTRS 5.0.x (private/testing/public) on Linux with MySQL database. Also on github.
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