OTRS 5 PostMaster rules

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OTRS 5 PostMaster rules

Post by Volverine87 »

Hi Everyone,

Our business is been recently targeted by some spam emails which coming from email address containing to "@""@" sybmol in from address.
I was wondering how to build a string in PostMaster filter to redirect them straight away to SPAM Queue.
But OTRS didnt accept this expression:
From Look for value: *@*@*

this is and example email they used:

obviously addresses change but they are ressistable using double @@

Anyone can help with the right string so i can filter them out?

Many Thanks,

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Re: OTRS 5 PostMaster rules

Post by alexus »

You should use regular expression - .*@.*@.*

You can use it https://regex101.com to check regexp
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