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Send Summary of Open Tickets

Post by sepehrm » 18 Apr 2018, 20:02

My company has been using OTRS for a while but I am new to the system. I am looking for a way to send an email with a summary of open tickets at the end of every work day. Both for the on-shore team (6 PM CST) and the off-shore team (7 AM CST), so 2 emails a day. I can connect through Putty to our OTRS IP and am seeing the various files but I am not sure how/ if they can help with this issue. I would appreciate any help and instruction since I am fairly new to OTRS/ Putty/ coding in general.
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Re: Send Summary of Open Tickets

Post by jojo » 18 Apr 2018, 20:09

this can be achieved by the Statistic Module within the ((OTRS)) Community Edition or the reporting module in OTRS.

For operation of OTRS you should have profund Linux Know How and I also would recommend an OTRS administrator training
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