Link CIs of GLPI with OTRS

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Link CIs of GLPI with OTRS

Post by cryptoroot » 14 Mar 2018, 16:24

Hi, someone has the experience linking OTRS with GLPI ?. I know I can export the CIs in GLPI and import in OTRS using a script, in my case I'm in version 4. But I want the changes in GLPI be reflected in OTRS automatically (new, delete, updates,etc) using versioning over CI.
In a first try I did something like that using db triggers but is a mess because I lost the link between the Ticket and the CI used in OTRS. Also, is not feasible to use version when CI change. The worst issue is the performance, each change is a noticeable delay on website response.
I'm thinking about webservices but I need an idea of the flow or steps to communicated the systems in the correct way, maintaining the consistency of information on both sides.

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