OTRS 6 - TimeVacationDays::Calendar1

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OTRS 6 - TimeVacationDays::Calendar1

Post by pmansinho » 05 Feb 2018, 13:21

I set up a new OTRS 6.0.4 in CentOS 7 virtual machine and I am experiencing a weird situation. I am trying to add TimeVacationDays to Calendar1, the one used in my queues, sla's, and after done all configurations and save, I get no message do deploy changes.
Also I am not able to change TimeVacationDays on any other calendar.

I the System Log i can see this messages:

Can not lock the deployment for UserID '1'
It's not possible to lock a deployment if a setting is currently locked (TimeVacationDays::Calendar1)

Can you support me on this?


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