automatically move ticket from one queue to another

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automatically move ticket from one queue to another

Post by sameer615 » 27 Nov 2017, 12:08

I want to implement this :

for Example :

there are three different Queues

QUEUE A,B, and C

when a New Ticket comes in OTRS , let say it appears in Queue A and not responded within the given time (for eg 1 hr .).

then i should move to QUEUE B automatically and in case this ticket is also not responded within 1 hr, it should be moved to another QUEUE i.e QUEUE C

I want to implement this in OTRS 3.3


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Re: automatically move ticket from one queue to another

Post by crythias » 26 Dec 2017, 17:29

Generic Agent last change greater than 3 days ago.
But you sincerely need to upgrade beyond 3.3 as soon as reasonably possible due to bug and security fixes. It's not simply that your own data is vulnerable. Old, insecure, versions of software can be vectors for distributing vulnerabilities to your customers as well.
OTRS 5.0.x (private/testing/public) on Linux with MySQL database. Also on github.
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