Forwarding message via AdminNotificationEvent

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Forwarding message via AdminNotificationEvent

Post by djcaetano » 17 Aug 2017, 21:41

Hi there!

One user (agent) of our OTRS receives several HTML e-mails (as new Tickets) that must be forwarded to a specific e-mail. As of today this agent open those tickets one by one and use the "article forward" option to perform this task, closing the ticket afterward. Since the number of such e-mails is increasing, I was asked to find some solution. I did some research and found the following solution:

a) A new support queue was created, lets call it "Output".
b) A new Admin Notification Event was created, which detects when a Ticket is placed on "Output" queue and send the user e-mail contents (via <OTRS_CUSTOMER_BODY>) as a notification to the correct e-mail.
c) A new Generic Agent was created to detect when a new article was added to the Ticket on "Output" queue and then closes it.

This kind of worked, but with two major flaws:
1) No attachment was sent.
2) The resulting message was plain text only

Searching on older forum posts I was able to find a workaround and managed to change file so any attachments on the latest customer article are also attached to the e-mail. I think this solved issue (1)... at least, I did some tests with images attached to the original ticket e-mail and it was added to the notification. Anyway, now I am struggling with issue (2).

Inspecting the notification received I noticed that there is a HTML version inside it but:
a) It is not the same HTML content as the original e-mail.
b) It has no "img" tags
c) Any e-mail client is able to detect this HTML version of the e-mail.

What should I get:

What I am receiving:

Changing the "Email template" to "Default" on Admin Notification Event configuration did not help at all: the only difference is that the plain text version of the original e-mail is embedded inside a HTML frame with a fancy title.


Any clues on how can I overcome this limitation?

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Re: Forwarding message via AdminNotificationEvent

Post by stephanej » 27 Mar 2018, 09:57

Did you find the answer to your question?
OTRS 6.x.x

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