Link customers to customerCompany using LDAP

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Link customers to customerCompany using LDAP

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Hi people.

I need the link the customer to a customer company, but all using LDAP.
I saw on the admin manual that there's a possibility but i dont know exact how.
I need this to achieve extract stats and reports linked to the main customer companies that reported us tickets.

Anyone has an idea? (it seems to use a mapping on every customer LDAP entry like the customer company and from there read the value and assing to the right db table the right company to every customer)


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Re: Link customers to customerCompany using LDAP

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Summary: If Customers from companyA have the same value for CustomerID, and that CustomerID is the CustomerID of CompanyA, this matches.

It also means that any Customer from CompanyA can see all tickets from CompanyA in "Company Tickets".

CustomerID does not need to be unique.

However, if you wish to restrict access to CompanyTickets, you can do so through CustomerGroup Membership.
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