OTRS::CiCS fuer OTRS 2.4.x

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OTRS::CiCS fuer OTRS 2.4.x

Post by tto » 11 Dec 2009, 17:18

Hallo OTRS-Forum,

nach langer Zeit und einigen (IE-spezifischen) Bugfix-Klippen hat es OTRS::CiCS auf die offene See geschafft und steht jetzt uzm Download bereit. Nachfolgend eine kleine Zusammenstellung der Erweiterungen und Anpassungen. Wie immer finden sich die Anpassungen sowohl fuer OTRS also auch fuer OTRS::ITSM im Downloadbereich auf unserer Website:


- improved layout for customer ticket overview
- improved Javascript and Javascript handle for better performance
- improved CSS and CSS handle for better performance
- improved layout handle for linked objects in simple view
- improved handle for building TicketFreeTime-fields
- added auto complete function in AgentCustomerHistory
- added further configurable search fields in AgentCustomerHistory
- added features in AgentTicketBulk (e.g. type, queue default selection)
- addded navigation bar in AgentTicketCompose, AgentTicketForward, AgentTicketBounce
- added CustomerTab to AgentTicketCompose, -Forward, -Move
- added ACL-support for ticket type selections in AgentTicketEmail, AgentTicketPhone
- added default ticket type in AgentTicketEmail, AgentTicketPhone
- added sort option (by title) in several ticket views
- improved style of notify messages in the navbar section
- added configurable notify content for ticket escalation messages
- added attribute class "style" for BuildSelection
- improved follow up-layout for CustomerTicketZoom
- OutOfOfficeSubstitute function in AgentPreferences
- position of ticket number in email subject is configurable
- renewed display of ticket search (better overview)
- renewed display of ticket zoom (configurable)
- renewed display of ticket overviews (mailbox, queueviews, etc.)
- renewed display of agent preferences
- improved display of customer ticket message
- changed call of AJAXUpdate in AgentTicketBulk
- changed layout for warning sites
- added script for simple management of queues, groups and roles based on CSV-file
- configurable customer message body as known from agent interface
- configurable TicketStateWorkflow (ACLs) - allows state workflows depending on ticket type starting with ticket creation
- DocumentLink integrated in OTRS-linkstructure (LinkObject 'Document')
- DocumentLink offers some basic features known from DMS
- users may change file names - links will not be lost
- users may move files to other directories - links will not be lost
- a more detailed permission concept (groups to directories)
- does not require web-accessible document share anymore (but a mounted FS)

Bei Fehlermeldungen, Kritikpunkten oder sonstigen bitte einfach eine Mail an support@cape-it.de oder aber https://support.cape-it.de. Danke!

noch einen schoenen 3. Advent und ein angenehmes WE,

NACHTRAG (12.01.2010)
seit kurzem steht die fehlerbereinigte Version 3.1.1 zum Download bereit. U.a. sind hier die Probleme mit Event-Based-Notifications geloest.

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