ITSM-CIAttributeCollection + Import-Export-Extensions for OTRS 5

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ITSM-CIAttributeCollection + Import-Export-Extensions for OTRS 5

Post by brann »

Hi, we've released following OTRS community modules for OTRS 5:

ITSM-CIAttributeCollection 5.0.0

CustomerCompanyImportExport 5.0.0
CustomerUserImportExport 5.0.0
FAQImportExport 5.0.0
ServiceImportExport 5.0.0
UserImportExport 5.0.0

TemplateX 5.0.0

You can download them for free at: or at OPAR.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Greetings, Anna

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Re: ITSM-CIAttributeCollection + Import-Export-Extensions for OTRS 5

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Hello Anna,

we are using ITSM-CIAttributeCollection on OTRS5.
I expand the Computer Class with
Key => 'Location',
Name => 'Asset Location',
Searchable => 1,
Input => {
Type => 'CIClassReference',
ReferencedCIClassName => 'Location',
ReferencedCIClassLinkType => 'Includes',
ReferencedCIClassLinkDirection => 'Reverse',
ReferencedCIClassReferenceAttributeKey => 'SerialNumber',
SearchInputType => 'AutoComplete',
and the link is working while create a new CI (Computer) and also the export is working well.
But during the import the location will always change and set to the location with the lowest id.
The biggest problem is manually linked CIs will be overwritten and changed to a wrong location.
The same happens using OTRS4...

Do you have any clue?

Best regards