SystemMonitoringReporting 1.0.0 released

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SystemMonitoringReporting 1.0.0 released

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I just released the first version of a new module. I had an itch, and this is the remedy:
This module will go through all tickets that have been created by the System monitoring plug-in last week and create a new Problem ticket if there where more than 3 recurring issues found (configurable). The selection is done on the basis of 'CustomerId', 'Host' and 'Service.

This module is run like a 'cron' job from GenericAgent. All the data is found by custom SQL code, so you need to 'fake' a ticket. Just find your oldest ticket number, and add it to the top. You select which days to run. I've set it up to run on Mondays, therefore you need to set the fromDays to be 8, and the toDays to be 1.

There are also templating for the text. See the SystemMonitoringReporting category in SysConfig for more information.

Check also out the two images 'png' files added to the docs directory for help on the configuration.
This module helps you find recurring Incidents reported from your SystemMonitoring integration by creating a new Problem ticket. You can set which article type to use when it creates the tickets. The Incidents will be linked to the Problem ticket so they are visible in the Linked Objects area.

Hope you like it, and let me know if there is anything you would like me to change or add.

The module can be found at ... ting-1.0.0
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